Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I was struck with the strangest thought today......

I pray for my children everyday.   I pray for my children’s safety in their daily routines.  I pray for their success in life.  I pray for their desire to hold on to their innocence. I pray for their desire to follow hard after God.  I pray for their future spouses.  I pray that they are surrounded by Godly relationships, and that they will be protected from the wrong people.  I pray that they are always gentle in spirit, and strong in their convictions.

I have many prayers that I send up for my children, and I thank God for trusting me with these  children (His children) everyday.

 However, there is soooo many aspects of their lives that I take for granted.  I have never thanked God for making them the people that they are.

 I have never specifically thanked Him for making my son the tenderhearted, compassionate, and absolutely hilarious young man that he is. 

Seriously,  his humor often brings me to tears.  I just love it when he gets tickled at some witty comment he has made, and he will just laugh and giggle for hours about it.  I am thankful for this......

I have never thanked Him for making my daughter strong willed, courageous, and absolutely wise beyond her years.  It never bothers her one bit to share what is on her mind-good or bad.  Yes,  this personality trait has led to MANY embarrasing moments as her mother. 

This child is not afraid of anything, and is as tough as they come.   I am thankful for this........

I have just begun to thank Him for giving them the ability to do the thing that they both love-rodeo.  I am fully aware of the fact that there are so many children that would love to take part in the sport of rodeo, but aren’t physically able or do not have the means to participate.  We are so blessed.

So today I am thankful for all of these aspects of my children, and I am thankful for dusty hem lines, boots in stirrups,
and fingers loosely wrapped on reigns.

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ
                                                                                                                        Ephesians 5:20

The horse is prepared against the day of battle but saftey is of the Lord. 
                                                                                        Proverbs 21:31